Vesicarum - ‘Reign Of Terror’ - Out Now!

As of today (May 22nd), Kent, UK-based death-metallers Vesicarum unleash their debut EP; ‘Reign Of Terror’ via One Eyed Toad Records.

“The EP tells a story of a serial killer from his beginnings through to stages of murder and torture,” states vocalist and mastermind Glynn Neve.

“The first four songs on the EP are about the killer and his development - however the last track [Undivine End] switches to the victim’s point of view - it was written to give the listener the impression of a victim tied up in the killers torture chamber awaiting his demise.”

All music was recorded primarily at the guitarist Martin Shipton’s home studio and mixed and mastered by Neve - this tight level of control enabled the band to bring their grisly concept to life, exactly as envisioned.