Vesicarum - ‘Place Of Anarchy’- Out Now!

UK death-metal crew Vesicarum have dispensed their debut slab of death metal; aptly titled 'Place Of Anarchy'.

The 40 mins minutes of aural assault channel the deepest, darkest, most feral emotions of guitarist Martin Shipton, drummer Donal McGee and vocalist Glynn Neve.

McGee states: “I’m really proud of this album, I think sonically it's a big step up for us. It's been a tough year for me personally so it's great to have something positive to show for it! Songs like ‘My Inner Ghost’ have certainly got me through some of my darkest days.”

“It's allowed us to explore a deeper, darker side of life and the ensuing feeling of isolation and depression the current situation has ultimately left us all with,” adds Shipton. “It's been a tough journey but one I'm glad to have been a part of.”

From amongst the album's nine tracks erupt features from Demonstealer of Demonic Resurrection, James Dawson of Bleed Again, Joe Lydon of Dorylus and Helgrind and deathcore veteran Richard Kane - a plethora of guest stars that complete the cacophony of sound that is 'Place Of Anarchy'.

The album was recorded at Martin Shipton's home studio, with the exception of vocals (recorded at Squarehead Studio by Graham Waller, who also mixed and mastered the LP).

‘Place Of Anarchy’ is out now via One Eyed Toad Records.


1. Rightfully Mine (feat. Richard Kane)

2. My Inner Ghost

3. The Pain I Feel (feat. Joe Lyndon)

4. Place Of Anarchy

5. Mental Stupidity

6. Sense Of Shame

7. Great Decay (feat. James Dawson)

8. Through The Darkest Days

9. Am I To Blame (feat. Demonstealer)

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