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What is “Cerca Trova”? Translating to “Seek And Ye Shall Find” it is a mysterious inscription that is located at the top of Vasari’s fresco The Battle of Marciano, positioned in the Hall of the Five Hundred in Palazzo Vecchio - it is a clue to finding one of Leonardo De Vinchi’s hidden art pieces.

Just like this inscription, Cerca Trova are an enigma - hidden in the music is a modern twist on ancient mythology, bringing what is old and giving it a new life in our modern day society. Pair this with an innovative mix of punk rock, metalcore and thrash metal; and you have a very interesting and unique artist.

Formed in mid-2018; the band played a number of highly successful shows; impressing local music fans and musicians alike with their stellar performances. Hitting their stride in early 2019, a first-time semi-final run in Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses Tournament was followed by a well-deserved slot supporting Light The Torch (Howard Jones - Killswitch Engage) at the O2 Academy Islington. This equalled a former high point (as previous incarnation Distance To Fall) supporting Dragonforce at The Square, Harlow.


Debut EP ‘King Of Bones’ hit listener’s ears in March 2019; despite being a self-funded release it has reached listeners all over the world through word of mouth alone. The band plan to hit the studio in late 2019 to record a follow-up EP, to be released via One Eyed Toad Records.