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Blyth Road identify themselves as the world’s first Sparkly Metal band. 


A four piece group from London, UK; Blyth Road was formed in November 2017 by lead vocalist Richard Bagnulo, guitarist Bruce Dodin and drummer Harry Diffey.


The band was created with the goal to bring rock and metal music back to the forefront of the music industry - however it wasn’t until induction of bass guitarist Russell Wiggins in mid 2018 that they found their style and began crafting music with a unique and accessible approach.

On 26th May 2021 - after heavy promotion on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X - the band claimed the No.1 spot on the UK iTunes chart with their single ‘Blood In My Alcohol’. Additionally, they clinched the No.1 spot on the UK metal charts with third single ‘Phantom’, beating out the likes of Metallica and While She Sleeps.


With their anthemic vocal melodies, abstract song structure and never-ending enthusiasm, Blyth Road join forces with One Eyed Toad Records to release their latest single ‘Exorsa’ in August 2021; with debut album ‘Unintentional Intimacy’ looming in early 2022.


Blyth Road is:


Richard Bagnulo - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Bruce Dodin - Harsh Vocals and Lead Guitar

Russell Wiggins - Backing Vocals and Bass Guitar

Harry Diffey - Drums & Percussion

One Eyed Toad Records Releases

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