One Eyed Toad Records is an independent record label based in Hertforshire, UK. We specialise in heavy music, including styles such as Hard Rock, Melodic Rock/Metal, Prog Rock/Metal, Modern Metal, Traditional Metal, Extreme Death/Black Metal, Dark Rock/Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore – you name it.

We pride ourselves in generating exposure for otherwise unheard bands, spreading fresh new talent and innovation across the globe for all to hear.

Our team is comprised of a number of skilled and experienced individuals, about which you can read about below.

John Morter

Proprietor and Promotions

Previously working in the motor sales industry; John’s major entry to music came in late 2017 when he was diagnosed with throat cancer – with a sizeable amount of time to himself and in need of something to focus on, he decided to throw himself behind promoting his son Ethan’s band, Raze. What began as searching out radio and press contacts online quickly became much more, with the acquisition of the One Eyed Toad name in early 2018 followed by a string of successful shows promoted in London.
In 2019 John handles the bulk of tour/show bookings and promotions for the label; focused in the South-East of England. If you are interested in playing a One Eyed Toad-promoted show; get in touch here.

Louis Dunham

Artist Development/PR

Also known as the lead singer of Raze; Louis attends to artist development and PR. With years of experience as a performer, fan and listener of metal music he knows exactly how musical, artistic and live elements can define a band – he also manages the label’s press databases; with over a thousand individual contacts available he has a worldwide audience of music fans at his fingertips. He is also the owner and operator of Black Seraph Studios, offering discounted recording opportunities to One Eyed Toad artists. If you are interested in a PR campaign or management under One Eyed Toad; get in touch here.

Jak Morter


The hard-moshing, alcohol-fuelled maniac otherwise known as Jak Morter rounds out the OET crew. Having worked in the events industry ever since completing a music tech degree a number of years ago he is a technical wizard with a wealth of knowledge – he hits up metal nights as often as possible, scouting out fresh talent, drinking, moshing and having a great time! He also assists John with bookings; if you would like Jak to check out your band or would like to play a One Eyed Toad-promoted show; get in touch here.